Why is Oscar's Carpet Cleaning Better?
With our carpet cleaning process, high powered hot water extraction (steam) cleaning systems brings back the life of your carpets with an unsurpassed level of clean. This is not just a "basic" steam cleaning with extras that typical firm charges to complete the task....

With Oscar's the entire cleaning process from prevacuuming, pre-conditioning to a deep hot water extraction is just part of every cleaning we perform. We use powerful state-of-the-art truck-mounted equipment designed to penetrate and extract all the way to the base of your carpet with advanced cleaning chemistry that leaves minimal residue. This results in cleaner carpets that stay clean longer.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Heavily Soiled Traffic Areas? This is where you will really see the difference with Oscar's Cleaning Service. Those spots that others could not remove? No problem!


What is the Process?

We first begin by removing dry soils through ordinary vacuuming. Next, we precondition the carpet with a highly effective detergent prespray which is aggitated to emulsify all the contaminants that are embedded in your carpet. At this time, we'll also treat any spots that require special attention. After this, we are ready to clean. Our powerful truck-mounted extraction machine injects a water based, super-heated secondary cleaner/rinse solution into the carpet, reaching right to the base yarns, without overwetting. Immediately the solution, along with the suspended soils are extracted with great vacuum force to the recovery tank on the truck. Drying occurs very quickly with this process, usually taking 1-3 hours. But we don’t stop there- we can also employ ultra high powered speed drying devices that bring your carpet from damp to dry in record times!


What about carpet protector?
We at Oscar's use the latest in fluoropolymer and stain resist technologies to apply protection to your carpet that nearly equals the performance of mill-applied processes.

While you carpet likely came with with a degree of stain protection, wear and exposure takes its toll. Carpet manufacturers recommend that the protection be re-applied to maintain the resistance to stains and spills.

We can actually test your carpet to see whether its time, on your next cleaning.


Pet Odor and Stains

Oscar's is trained and ready to permanently removing your pet odor problems. We don’t just mask odors, we employ a process that breaks down the pet residues so we can then deep extract them from the padding and carpet. We also treat the area with a specially formulated enzymes and odor counteractants that will leave your carpet fresh, clean and odor free.

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